COTTON USA: Travel in Comfort with the Cotton the World Trusts at Intertextile Shanghai

COTTON USA: Travel in Comfort with the Cotton the World Trusts at Intertextile Shanghai

Cotton Council International (CCI), in collaboration with 16 COTTON USA licensees, showcased quality U.S. cotton home textiles and hotel collections at the Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles trade show.

The COTTON USA booth, themed “COTTON USA: Travel in Comfort with the Cotton the World Trusts,” had four distinct areas designed to simulate a cozy hotel: a reception area, a lobby sitting area, coffee shop and guest room, all outfitted with COTTON USA licensees’ textile products.

Imagine, a COTTON USA home furnishing licensee, not only displayed its curtain and home furnishing fabrics, but also provided furniture with U.S. cotton-rich bedding products provided by Pac-Fung International Ltd. The hotel room area also featured U.S. cotton hotel bedding and home textile products from Jiangsu Sidefu, Natural Home, Hua Fang and Loftex.

“With the rapid rise of China’s economy and tourism in the past decade, the hospitality industry in China and Asia has experienced meteoric growth,” explained Karin Malmstrom, CCI director of China and Northeast Asia. “The hospitality players worldwide are tailoring their offerings to provide hotel guests with familiar comforts by outfitting guest rooms with textile product, such as bedding, curtains, towels, bathrobes, etc., made of natural fibers. Due to the continued strong demand for cotton-rich fabrics in this segment and  to capture this market, COTTON USA is introducing our hotel collection to potential partners and licensees in the hospitality industry.”

Hotel partners can benefit by specifying and highlighting their use of U.S. cotton-rich products and their guests can enjoy the safe and comfortable feeling of COTTON USA when staying at a hotel.

CCI’s unique promotions and licensing programs cover the whole U.S. cotton textile supply chain, ranging from cotton fiber to retailers’ shelves. CCI links customers of home textile products with renowned global COTTON USA-licensed suppliers and brands to establish long-term partnerships for effective procurement throughout the cotton supply chain.